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About Sparwindows

SparWindows – your experienced partner

SparWindows is part of a strong business group and has more than 30 years’ experience in the production and sale of building materials to several European countries. 

SparWindows has 14 years’ experience as an online retailer of doors and windows. Our extensive experience in the industry means that we’ve seen both good times and bad times, and thus have a unique insight into the market. As a result, we place great emphasis on the fact that our development and investment is based on money that we’ve already earned. Thanks to this philosophy, which is deeply rooted in our business, we’re always assured of independence and solvency. This is also an extra security for you as a customer.

Sparwindows was founded in 2016 and have 700 employees. Sparwindows is owned by Inwido, Europe’s largest window group and listed on the stock exchange. Inwido is a natrual home for the region´s strongest companies within the areas of comfort, climate and safety. In 2019, Inwido achieved sales of SEK 6.6 billion an operating EBITA margin of 9.7 percent. The Group has some 4400 employees in total, with operations in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, the UK, Sweden and Germany. For more about Inwido visit

Your benefits of buying directly from the factory

If you do business with SparWindows, you are guaranteed the benefit of many years’ of experience in production, development and quality management ensuring that you can always count on a high quality product. The combination of quality products and sales directly from our own factories mean that as a customer you can avoid the expensive middleman. By removing intermediaries, we can sell the same good quality windows and doors at a lower price, but with the same good level of service!

CE marked windows and doors – your peace of mind

When buying windows and doors, several different labelling schemes and certifications exist. CE certification is, however, the only independent certification for windows and doors. CE certification has been a legal requirement for all windows and doors sold in the UK since July 2013. Our windows and doors have been CE-tested and approved since 2008.   

An enterprise with a healthy economy

Windows and doors are products that are designed to last for many years, and therefore it’s a good idea to check out the firm’s finances to satisfy yourself that the company will continue to exist in the future. At the same time, you’ll also be certain that you have a valid warranty on your products and that the company will still be trading 5 or 10 years from now.

As mentioned above, at SparWindows we are part of the biggest window group in Europe, and we have always had good, healthy finances. We only invest money that we have already earned.


Low prices that stand up to comparison

Many consumers have become used to checking the prices of different suppliers before purchasing a product – and this is equally true of windows and doors. Earlier, it was not normal in the industry to make prices available on a website, but with the inexorable rise in e-commerce, it’s now practically a must to be able to search for good deals, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new shirt or new windows and doors.

At we know that we have some of the lowest prices on the market and of course all prices are freely available on our website. We have nothing to hide – either with respect to our customers or to our colleagues in the industry. You can easily calculate your prices or put together a special offer and you are more than welcome to compare our prices to those of our colleagues in the industry.

Satisfied customers are the best publicity we can get

The combination of good qualified advice, good prices and the right quality is, we believe, the foundation of our success. We’ve been focusing on customer satisfaction for a number of years and we’re constantly striving to be the window supplier that has the most satisfied customers.


Do you need any help?

If you have any questions, need advice about your project or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are ready to help you on tel. 0178 473 0790, e-mail or via our live chat service.