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Panelled Door Eva

SKU: PD1005

  • Glazing Bars and Beads in aluminum
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NB: The picture above is only for reference

Insert framesize

What is framesize?

Frame Size:
The size in which the window or door is produced. That is, the width x height, from one side of the frame to the other.

Opening Size:
The size of the hole in the wall. To arrive at the frame size, 2-3 cm should be subtracted from the opening size, to allow space for the seal for the door or window.


Click here to see how you measure for your windows and doors

We guarantee:

Pine - From responsible forestry

Choose the material for your window or door. For most of our products you can choose between pinewood or aluminium clad pinewood. For alu/clad products the exterior of the product has a 1 mm alu cladding.

No Glass

Choose the glazing. The options depend on material and model. Read more in the info box (?)

* Opening and hinge side
Please select

Choose the opening direction. The opening direction is determined by the side on which the hinges are. Doors can open either inside or outside. If you are unsure which you should choose, you can find further information in the box below.

Inside colour £0.00
Standard White RAL9010
Outside colour £0.00
Standard White RAL9010
Inside colour

Choose the interior colour of your product. If you choose "Special RAL colour" please send an email with the desired RAL color. For glazes and clear lacquer there can be minor colour differences as the wood is finger jointed.

Outside colour

Choose the exterior colour of your product. If you choose "Special RAL colour" please send an email with the desired RAL color. For glazes and clear lacquer there can be minor colour differences as the wood is finger jointed.

Softline profile

Choose the interior profile for your wooden window. The Softline profile has smooth angles giving your window a modern and stylish look. The Classic profile comes with special frame and casement moulding for a more classical look.

Threshold fiberglass (low)

Choose threshold

* Frame Groove
No frame groove

A groove on the inside frame makes the fitting of casing trims or internal window sills easier. The groove is 10 mm deep and wide.

No vent

We offer vents in white or grey. Our trickle & tryk vents allow fresh air into the room even if the window or the door is closed, thus ensuring a better indoor climate.

The vent is placed in the top frame of the window/door
On tilt & turn windows the vent is placed in the top sash and is visible on the outside
Windows with more than one sash, will have 1 vent installed.

* Cylinder Type
Cylinder Lock type, Cylinder/Thumbturn

Choose the right cylinder type for your new door.

* Door handle
Door handle, NEW YORK

The door handle-set has a lever internally or a lever internally and externally. The cylinder locks and handle-roses are factory fitted.

Additional lock function
No additional door lock

Choose an additional function for you door lock. On some products you will be able to add a daylatch, on other products you will be able to add an additional door lock.

A minimum height of 194,cm is required to fit an additional door lock.

10-year warranty

We have 10 year warranty on the complete product for our Wood windows and doors, and we have 12 year warranty on the complete product for our Alu-clad wood windows and doors.

Standard delivery

Windows or doors within the dimensions 212 cm width and/or 212 cm height or larger will be delivered with HIAB.

For orders with several big windows or doors, only one HIAB-fee will be charged. Please contact us for adjustment of the order amount

Remember to choose accessories

No maintenance kit
Product Bottom Image

Panelled Door Eva

Sku: PD1005

NB: The picture above is only for reference

Introducing the exquisite Panelled Door Eva, a bespoke masterpiece that seamlessly combines timeless elegance with modern sophistication to elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space. Crafted with precision and care, this door is meticulously made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique requirements.

Made with premium materials and expert craftsmanship, the Panelled Door Eva exudes durability and quality. Its sturdy construction offers enhanced security and insulation, making it a practical and stylish addition to any home or commercial space. Whether you are looking to enhance the charm of your living room, bedroom, or office entrance, this door is sure to make a statement.

The intricate panel design of the Eva door provides a classic touch that suits both traditional and contemporary interiors. The versatility of this design allows it to seamlessly blend with various decor styles, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. The sleek finish of the door enhances its visual appeal, making it a focal point of the space.

Customizable to your exact specifications, the Panelled Door Eva can be tailored to match your preferred dimensions, finishes, and hardware options. This tailored approach ensures that your door not only fits perfectly but also reflects your unique style and preferences.

Whether you are renovating your home or working on a new project, the Panelled Door Eva is a perfect choice for those who seek quality, style, and functionality in their doors. With its made-to-measure capabilities and attention to detail, this door offers a seamless blend of beauty and practicality that is sure to impress.

Upgrade your space with the exquisite Panelled Door Eva and experience the luxury of bespoke design that caters to your individual needs. Elevate the look and feel of your space with a door that is not just a functional element but a statement piece that reflects your personality and style. Choose quality, choose sophistication, choose Panelled Door Eva.

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