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Making change affordable – place an order with online discount at Sparwindows. 

When you order your new windows and doors directly on our website, you will be offered what we call an "online discount". The online discount is an expression of the savings that we are able to offer you when you order online yourself. 

We remove the costly intermediaries between you and your new windows and doors. This means that with us you avoid the surcharges and expenses that a craftsman would normally put on your invoice. This does not mean that you cannot use professional craftsmen or carpenters for the assembly of your elements – it simply means that you can save money by placing your order for your new windows and doors yourself. 


How do I get the online discount on my new windows and doors?

You get the online discount simply when you choose to place your order via our website. Our online self-service solution means that we can offer you the best price for your new windows and doors, once the expensive middlemen have been cut out. You therefore save money by carrying out your measurements yourself with our easy step-by-step guide, you examine specifications and applicable legal requirements with guidance from our information pages and find inspiration for the windows and doors that suit your project in our many beautiful customer cases. 
If you do not wish to order self-service online on our website, you will not be able to obtain our online discount and therefore shop at the basic price. We are ready to help you at info@sparwindows.co, where we provide: 
• Professional measurement at your place 
• Guidance in product selection 
• Ensuring that applicable legal requirements are complied with in your project 
• Ordering and quality assurance 
• That you have no additional costs in the event of ordering and measurement errors 
• Follow-up after-service 

Sparwindows – making change affordable