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Top hung window 18 Light

SKU: TH0318

  • Glazing Bars and Glazing Beads in aluminum
  • Scandinavian Quality Pine
  • Adjustable Hinges
NB: The picture above is only for reference

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Top hung window 18 Light

Sku: TH0318

NB: The picture above is only for reference

Enrich your home with natural light

This three-pane, 18-pane top-hung window is the ultimate way to treat your home to abundant natural light and a unique aesthetic. Its beautiful design and functional features make it a remarkable choice.

With the discreet, top-mounted hinges, you can easily open and close the window to let fresh air flow into the room. The included anchor on each side ensures a tight seal on the window. You can also fine-tune the ventilation to your preference using the sliding bar at the bottom.

This 18-pane top-hung window with its many mullioned panes fits well with the more traditional aesthetic, especially found in older home styles. The window can be customised with different materials, colours and glass types to perfectly match the character of your home and your personal taste.

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