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Top hung window 2 light horizontal bar

SKU: TH0105

  • Glazing Bars and Glazing Beads in aluminum
  • Scandinavian Quality Pine
  • Adjustable Hinges
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Top hung window 2 light horizontal bar

Sku: TH0105

NB: The picture above is only for reference

Simple and timeless design

This top hung window with 2 panes and a horizontal muntin combines simplicity with a timeless aesthetic. The horizontal muntin adds a classic touch to the window's appearance, while the top-mounted opening mechanism gives you full control over ventilation and natural light.

While a favourite in older homes, this versatile window is also suitable for modern home design. Use it in rooms where ventilation is necessary, but not necessarily every day. This could include the basement or bathroom.

You can customise this window to your liking using our product configurator. Choose from different materials, colours, glass types and much more to create a window solution that fits the character and personal style of your home.

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