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Double front doors

Double front doors – let in more natural light and add a certain emphasis to your entrance, when welcoming guests. Find the price of a new double front door – just choose a model, materials and enter your dimensions – and your price will appear instantly!

Double front doors

By fitting a double front door, you can create a stunning entrance and at the same time let in plenty of natural light. Double front doors are perfect for your main entrance or elsewhere in your home where a wide opening is desired. 

Castles and palaces often have double front doors. So why not add a little grandeur to the entrances of your home, by choosing double exterior doors at one or more locations.

At SparWindows we offer a wide range of double front doors – e.g. a double front door with 4 panels or a double front door with 20 panes of glass: It’s completely up to you. You can easily find the price of your new double front door by choosing the product you are interested in and adding the desired type of material, dimensions and other specifications – once the price appears, you are ready to order online.

Double front door – what about the opening direction?
When ordering a door, you must choose the opening direction of your new door. If there is enough space, it’s a good idea to have doors that open inwards, as it is more inviting to enter through an inward opening entrance. However, if space is tight, you might want to choose a door that opens outwards.

For French doors and double front doors the main sash is opened with a handle whereas the secondary sash is opened with the help of latches in the top and bottom of the sash. Double doors are without a center post

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