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French doors

French doors – draw in light and air, whilst at the same time providing an open and attractive view of the garden, the balcony or the patio. Choose a model and the price will appear instantly!

French doors

French doors provide a huge range of options to enable you to play and experiment with the relationship between the external surroundings and the interior. And perhaps most important of all: French doors let in lots of light – a quality that most people greatly appreciate.

Design the space around your French doors – both outside AND inside

If, for example, you live in an apartment, French doors leading out onto your balcony from the living room will enable you to configure a snug corner just inside the door, in which you can sit both summer and winter and enjoy the light and life outside. With French doors in your bedroom, you can enjoy a fantastic feeling of well-being when waking up to plenty of early morning light – with direct access to a cup of coffee in the great outdoors whenever the weather allows.

Exterior French doors provide extra flexibility
Exterior French doors provide lots of flexible options in terms of incorporating the patio, the garden and the balcony as an extra room in your home when the sun’s shining and a gentle breeze is blowing. Open the doors and let the kids and the dog run in and out and enjoy the outdoor spaces – whilst everyone has easy access to the facilities inside your home.

French door – what about the opening direction?
For French doors and double front doors the main sash is opened with a handle whereas the secondary sash is opened with the help of latches in the top and bottom of the sash. Double doors are without a center post

How to order your new French doors
French doors from SparWindows are available in a huge range of sizes and variations. Choose, for instance, your French doors with glazing bars if this complements the style of your home. Regardless of which version you choose, you can easily design, calculate prices and order your new French doors from us: Specify width and height, type of glass and the material in which the doors are to be produced – and you’re well on your way. 

Remember to choose various accessories such as handles and vents on your new French doors. 

You can rest assured that French doors purchased from us have exactly the right dimensions – and we also have a range of other types of doors and windows that you may need to make your home even more attractive. 

Inspiration – in combination, for example, with a single patio door
In order to give you the best possible advice, it’s fair to say that many of our customers also choose stable doors or a single patio door at locations where French doors could have been chosen.

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