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Responsibly produced energy-efficient windows and doors

Our production is constantly being improved and adjusted so that our windows and doors can be produced with the least possible impact on the climate and environment.
We are constantly reviewing our processes, machinery and ways in which we can improve.
Get an insight into some of the thoughts and actions we take regarding our production and responsibility.

High quality
and long lifespan

Sorting and

Green energy

Safely from
A to B

Care, repair and
and recycle

Sustainability award

High quality - made to last

We strive to make choices that have the least possible impact on nature without compromising on quality. Our wood comes from responsible forestry and our design and quality are long-lasting.

In addition, we fulfil all requirements for energy, insulation and u-value. Good energy-efficient windows and doors also help reduce your energy costs when heating your home. 

All wood is surface-treated against rot and fungus, and with the right maintenance, our windows and doors can last for many, many years. We don't hesitate to offer up to a 12-year warranty on the entire product. 

Sorting and recycling

When we produce new windows and doors, we strive to minimise waste material as much as possible. This way, we ensure efficient use of our resources while keeping costs low and quality high. 

Our production machinery is set up to minimise residual waste, whether it's leftover wood, surplus paint or aluminium.

All our residual waste is sorted and recycled for production, used for heating, sold for recycling or delivered to recycling centres. This includes glass, aluminium, wood, even our surplus paint is cleaned and reused.

We only use water-based paint and by having optimised paint booths, waste can be reduced from 18 litres of surplus paint to just ½ litre.

Green energy

All power for our factories is generated from renewable energy. The heat is also green, using our own residual materials such as sawdust and chopped wood, among other things.

We have also reduced and automated our power consumption. All lamps are LED, the light is turned down to a minimum during the daytime. In addition, it is automatically set to turn up as needed. The lights are switched off completely when production is paused.

For the production of our windows and doors, we use the low-emission aluminium HYDRO REDUXA, which is produced with green energy and therefore has lower CO2 emissions.

By using low-emission aluminium alone, we have been able to reduce CO2 emissions from aluminium by 53%. Read about HYDRO REDUXA.

Safely from A to B

In order to transport your windows and doors safely from our factories directly to your home, they need to be packed securely to avoid damage in transit.
Here, too, we don't do anything carelessly. The pallets the elements are attached to are made from leftover wood and are therefore a bit unsightly to look at - but they do their job.

We use a robot to wrap plastic around the windows and doors. The robot can reduce the use of plastic as it can wrap it tightly and only use the absolute necessary amount. We strive to ensure that all our trucks are filled to the maximum with windows and doors before they leave our factories. This way, we minimise transport to and from our factories.

The trucks are packed in the most optimal and expedient way, so they can take the most direct route and require the least amount of repacking along the way. This helps to reduce fuel consumption and minimise the risk of transport damage and wasted resources.

Care, repair and recycling

Our windows and doors are produced in high quality and have a long lifespan. We recommend that you inspect them regularly and with ongoing maintenance you can significantly extend their lifespan. Read our maintenance tips here

Do you have a window or door that no longer works? We encourage you to take it to a recycling centre so that it can either be reused in another context or the parts can be recycled.

You may even be able to use your old window in a new context yourself - for example, a greenhouse, a partition wall or some other creative idea.

Recognising excellence in sustainability

In 2023, Sparwindows was honoured with the Sustainability award, acknowledging the exceptional efforts we put in daily to ensure responsible production.

Our achievements include:

  • 90% less CO2 emissions per window and door compared to 2020
  • Maximising the recycling of residual waste to heat our factories
  • Sourcing all power for our factories from renewable energy

This prestigious award was presented by Inwido. Sparwindows is a part of the JABS Group, owned by Inwido, Europe's leading window and door manufacturer.

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

At Sparwindows, we support the points defined by the UN.

In particular, we focus on goal 7 (sustainable energy), goal 12 (responsible consumption and production) and goal 13 (climate action).

The SDGs help us to be ambitious and strive for more sustainable and responsible production. We take co-responsibility as a manufacturer and want to actively support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.