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Sidelights – A perfect way to allow more natural light into your entrance hall. Get a great deal and find your price for a new sidelight, by choosing a model and entering your dimensions and specifications.


With sidelights you allow more natural light into your entrance hall. This automatically makes the room appear bigger. Sidelights can be easily installed in connection with an exterior door, e.g. a patio door, a stable door or a double front door

When buying sidelights at SparWindows, you can choose between several different models, with or without panels and with or without glazing bars. 

You can easily design your own sidelights by choosing the model you require, after which you have the option to choose between different types of materials, colours, types of glass, etc. As soon as you’ve completed your specifications, your price and discount will appear online. If you wish to purchase several different sidelights, just complete one sidelight section at a time and add it to your shopping basket.

Sidelights are often installed with a main door, in order to create a pleasing aesthetic and inviting entrance. However, sidelights can also be installed with a patio door, to allow more light into your living room, whilst at the same time saving wall space when compared with a wider french door.  

You can find a wide range of low priced front doors that can easily be combined with sidelights. If you are looking for a front door - sidelight combination, you will also find an extensive range of options at SparWindows.