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Stable doors

Stable doors – doors with lots of possibilities. Stable doors are a great choice for your house or annex if you need a door with a lot of opening options. Choose the model you require and see the price online straight away!

Stable doors

If you choose a stable door, you’re assured versatile opening operations. The upper part of the stable door can be opened fully or can be left ajar allowing the fresh air into the building.

At SparWindows you’ll find a variety of stable doors. For example, we offer a stable door consisting of two frames with two panels at the bottom and four panes of glass at the top. Or, how about a stable door with a single panel in the bottom and a single pane in the top?

If you love the idea of a romantic farmhouse, you can choose a stable door that has glazing bars in the glass section in both upper and lower casement. A stable door with multiple glass panes complements our cottage windows perfectly.

Our stable doors are available with a wide range of different accessories, including a built-in vent, which lets in fresh air while the door is completely closed.

You can quickly and easily find the right price for your stable door on our website, by entering dimensions and any other specifications. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

At SparWindows you can be sure of a good deal on our range of stable doors!

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