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Scandinavian quality windows at affordable prices with a up to 12-year warranty! Choose the model you require, select the size, design and any additional requirements


At SparWindows we’ve made it easy to find prices for your new windows. Regardless of whether you’re looking for prices for casement windows, roof windows or window sections, you’ll find them easily by means of our configuration tool – you just choose the type of product you want, fill out your specifications and you’ll see your price and discount straight away - get a great deal on your windows today!

Inexpensive windows with a up to 12-year warranty

At SparWindows we only use the highest quality materials and do not hesitate to provide a full up to 12-year warranty! All our products carry a CE mark and energy label, thus assuring you of the best energy-efficient windows.


Our windows are produced at our own factory. We are therefore able to retain control of processes, materials and working procedures – in this way we are able to ensure that our products are adapted to the customer’s wishes and to the harsh UK climate. 

How to take measurements for windows and doors

You may think that purchasing made-to-measure windows and taking the measurements yourself is a difficult task, but there’s no need to worry! All you need is:

-a piece of paper
-a pencil
-a measuring tape

You can read more in our guide “How to measure windows and doors”

How to install your new windows and doors

You can save money by installing your new windows yourself. All you need to do is follow our step-by-step installation guide, in which we explain technical terms, provide advice on care and maintenance, and – most importantly – guide you through the installation process itself, etc.

Wooden windows:

Our quality wooden windows are made of slow-growing Scandinavian pine wood. All our windows are available with double or triple- glazing. You can read more about the many benefits of pine and why pine actually grows too well in Central Europe to be used in the production of windows

Alu clad windows:

Aluminium clad windows are the new and more modern version of traditional wooden windows. When purchasing an alu clad window, you get an almost maintenance-free product, but with the same good properties that characterise traditional wooden elements.


Windows with glazing panes – the traditional window model

At SparWindows we have a wide range of window models and it can be hard to choose which model will fit your house the best. Our range of traditional style windows with glazing bars are available in many different models and combinations; Cottage windows, double side hung windows, fixed windows and more. 

Triangular or pentagonal windows? We can produce almost everything! 

SparWindows has an extensive range of window models, but if you have still not found what you were looking for, we can produce almost anything upon request. For example; large window sections and triangular or pentagonal windows. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have specific requirements!