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Round and arched windows

Here you can see our round and curved windows. These differ from the traditional square windows with their curved shape. Therefore, they give you the opportunity to add a personal and charming touch to your home that breaks up the angular look.

Where are arched and round windows used?

Round windows are particularly common in older-style homes, where they are often placed on the gable or dormer. Arched windows are also used as lintels over windows and doors for added elegance and light.

Arched windows are most found on older homes and rarely have a specific location but are often used in more than one place in the home to give a uniform look. However, both windows can also be found in newer builds, and you can place them wherever you like. Wherever you place them, you can be sure to add an elegant and charming touch to your home.

  • Round windows

    Round windows, with their round shape, can give maritime associations.

    At Sparwindows, we provide round windows both as fixed frame windows and as side-hung windows. This means that you can choose whether you want to open them or have them fixed to the frame.

  • Curved windows

    Curved windows are windows that are not completely round, but where part of the window is curved instead. The curved part is fixed in some windows and not in others. This means that you are able adjust them according to your wishes.

    When you buy fixed frame windows, you can choose to combine them with other types of windows that can be opened to make sure you can air out your home. Some of the more popular window types for this purpose are top guided windows, side hung windows or reversible windows.

Why you should buy windows from Sparwindows 

Sparwindows offers a wide selection of windows and doors, as well as the ability to customise your products according to your preferences. At the same time, the products are made in high quality and with a focus on good energy efficiency. Moreover, you get the elements at an affordable price and a 10-year warranty on the entire product. Our goal is to make change possible.