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Find your new New Yorker windows below. We have a larger selection of varying types of New Yorker wall windows– you can explore the different models below. The unique aspect of our selection, among other things, is that you design them yourself to fit into your home. We precisely tailor them based on the specific measurements you give us.

Experience your possibilities and become inspired for your project below – we definitely have solution that suits you.

New Yorker windows – we give you inspiration for change

Let us inspire you to add or include a contemporary style to your home. This is what you receive with our tailor-made New Yorker windows, which at the same time provide you and your home with a perfect screen or room division that for instance creates a corner office or demarcation between the dining and living room.

No matter the purpose, our popular New Yorker elements will generate a stylish affair in your home which can add the finishing touch to the interior design via contrasting, dark, distinctive lines. 

Do you want to cover a part of the living room, bedroom, or hallway?

You can do so with our chic New Yorker wall. If you have a larger bedroom, you can, for instance, install you New Yorker element as a divider that demarcates the room into a sleeping area in one part and e.g. walk-in closet in the other part. You can also install it at the back of the living room and by that create a little corner office without having to build a wall that steals light from both rooms. In this way, you will be able to actively make use of the natural light – as opposed to building an ordinary wall functioning as a partitioning wall. 

What is a New Yorker window?

New Yorker windows are fixed windows used inside the house. They help you in your interior design and are used to divide rooms, demarcate or as a decorative alternative to a partitioning wall. Our New Yorker windows thus emphasize the modern style and create a stylish, urban look. 
A New Yorker wall can advantageously be installed especially in the larger rooms of the house. Thereby, the glass wall can function as a transparent partitioning wall which at the same time divides the room as well as allows the light to move naturally through your home. You, therefore, avoid the dark corners that would occur with an ordinary room divider.

Our New Yorker elements are made for you who wish to add an extra touch to the interior design in your home and at the same time want to achieve a demarcating effect. This element stand out from the rest of our product range as the window is solely used inside the house. You get a tailor-made New Yorker wall, decide on the dimensions yourself, and you can modify it in our innovative product configurator to fit your exact wishes. The element is created for installing either on a wall or freely where one gable is without cover-up – here we recommend that you complete it with a plate or post. This will maintain a nice finish. 

Get comfort all the way from thought to installation

Get inspired when you start designing your New Yorker partitioning wall. On this page you will find a wide selection of different types of New Yorker windows. 
Dive into the many possibilities for each model using our smart editor. Here you can specify our design which ensures a completely, unique product – tailor-made for your interior design. We, of course, produce your new design right down to the millimetre, you just have to enter the specific dimensions when ordering the model, you choose. 

You get a result produced in high-quality, Scandinavian pine wood which ensures that the element will last many years. You can also choose between different types of glass designs and colours.