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  • 1. Whenwill my order be delivered?

    If you order windows or doors from stock, the products are delivered within approx. 1-2 weeks. If your windows and doors are ordered with special dimensions, you will always be able to find the delivery time for the different material types under each product. Do you want delivery at a later time than our current delivery time, e.g. due to ordering carpentry or similar. You can in the basket change the existing delivery week, or send us an e-mail immediately after the order is placed. 

    If you have ordered an order with both stock items and items according to special measurements, your order will be delivered in several rounds. The stock items will be delivered after approx. 1-2 weeks, and the goods in special sizes will be delivered according to the expected delivery week for special targets. 

  • 2. How do I measure my windows correctly?

    If you are in doubt about how to make the correct measurements for your new windows and doors, you can find our guide for measuring windows and doors. At this page you will find both videos and a small checklist of what you need, as well as a short and precise description of the measure. 

  • 3. Whichopening direction should I choose?

    You will always find a specific opening illustration, as well as a short and precise text with information about the opening direction in the info box when you are choosing your desired direction below. 

    You can also find an illustration of our opening directions and our abbreviations right here

  • 4. Whenwill the amount be withdrawn from my account?

    At SparWindows, there is no prepayment on your goods, whether you buy stock items or windows and doors with special dimensions. The money is deducted upon dispatch and the sales invoice is issued when the order is delivered. 

  • 5. Have you received my order?

    When you have ordered your doors and windows and completed the payment, SparWindows will subsequently approve your order. You will then receive an order confirmation by e-mail according to your order. The order confirmation is sent automatically from the system immediately after you have placed your order. 

    If, contrary to expectations, you do not receive your order confirmation within 30 minutes, please contact SparWindows immediately, on tel. 0178 473 0790, or by e-mail info@sparwindows.co.uk 

  • 6. Can my order be changed or canceled?

    Yes, you always have the option to change and cancel your order if you e.g. detects an error in your order. Please note, however, that a special-purpose booking can NOT be changed or canceled after 12 hours from the time of booking. 

    Have you made an order in the period Friday at. 14 to Sunday at 12 it cannot be canceled or changed after Monday at. 09. 

    If you wish to make a change in your order within the above change deadline, you must ALWAYS direct your inquiry to the email address sinfo@sparwindows.co.uk. Please note that your change must subsequently be confirmed by SparWindows by email, in order to be valid.

  • 7. Can items be added to my order?

    If you want to add extra items to your order, you must order the items at www.sparwindows.co.uk, as you did with the first order, and subsequently send an email at info@sparwindows.co.uk, We do not have the opportunity to add extra items to an existing order, as we can only deduct the amount from your account on which the original order amount was. 

  • 8. What warranty is there on my products?

    At Sparwindows you get 10-year guarantee on all windows and doors. If you need an extended description, you can read more in our warranty conditions

  • 9. Can I ordered smaller or bigger than min. and max. size at the website?

    No, it is unfortunately not possible to get around the min. and max size as the website indicates, as they are selected at possibility our factory can produce. 

  • 1. Will an invoice be sent after the order?

    Yes it will, but if you unexpectedly do not receive your invoice when the order is delivered, please contact us by e-mail at: info@sparwindows.co.uk