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Here you'll get an overview of our different types of windows and doors and the most visited pages. We want to help you navigate as easily as possible, so if there is something you cannot find on our websiteplease give us a call.

  • Windows and doors– Contains a good overview of all the opportunities, news and promotions that we offer for those who are looking for new windows and doors.
  • Windows– We have a large selection of windows at cheap prices in high quality. If you don't really know what you are looking for, this page with an overview of all our windows is really good place to start.
  • Cottage windows– Give your house a lot of style with a cottage window. Cottage style windows are common in older houses.
  • Double side hung windows - This window can be opened with a top ventilation. Beautiful windows with Scandinavian style.
  • Fixed windows– A simple window which cannot be opened, but in return adds a lot of light to your home.
  • Fixed top guided windows– This combination window can be produced in many different styles and openings.
  • Casement windows- A great solution, with hinges set on the side of the window.
  • Top guided windows– The top guided window is a popular choice, due to how easy it is to control.
  • Top swing windows - This window can be "turned around" and is very useful for multi-storey buildings, because you can easily wash the glass from the inside.
  • External doors – Get a complete overview of all the external doors that we sell.
  • Front doors – Huge selection of quality entrance doors for low prices.
  • Panelled doors – A very inexpensive door which we sell in many different styles.
  • Double front doors– If you want your facade to be quite impressive, then you should definitely check out our double front doors.
  • Front door with sidelights - This solution contains an entrance door and a fixed sidelight. We have many different styles and they don't come cheaper.
  • Stable door– Often used as a kitchen door or patio door. You only need to open half of a stable door.
  • Patio doors– We offer lots of different patio doors. You will certainly find a patio door that matches your expectations for quality and price here.
  • French doors– Connecting the interior with the the exterior. Get a impressive solution for a low cost.
  • Sidelights– Used as a complement to an existing door or alone.
  • Sliding patio doors - This popular sliding door is mostly used for the terrace. An optimal choice for those who want to exploit as much space in the home as possible.
  • Conservatory windows– An easy and inexpensive way to build your own conservatory/patio room/sun room.
  • Wooden windows and doors - We use slow-growing pine wood in the manufacture of our wooden doors and doors, thus we can ensure you the best quality.
  • Aluminium windows and doors - More and more of our customers choose windows and doors made of wood/aluminum - and there are several reasons why
  • Awning windows - What is the definition of an awning window? What are the pros and cons? Get your answers here.
  • How to measure windows - Here's an article to guide your through the easy process of measuring windows and doors.