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SparWindows produces quality timber and uPVC products with more than 25 years of experience.

In addition to our standard 5-year warranty, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we offer an extended warranty of 5 years. Our total warranty period is up to 12 years on products in factory-painted pine, alu-clad timber and uPVC.

Our up to 12-year warranty is applicable to:

Factory-painted windows and doors produced in timber, aluminium clad timber and uPVC.

The following terms and conditions apply to our up to 12-year warranty:

1) The warranty covers material- and production faults. Manufacturing- and material faults will be remedied for a period of up to 12 years after the products have been purchased. The product is deemed to be purchased at the time at which the order is accepted and not when delivery takes place.   

2) In the event that you wish to exercise this warranty, you shall make a claim within a reasonable period of time after the fault has been discovered.

3) The claim must be made in writing with necessary documentation for the damage concerned and a copy of the order confirmation. 

4) It is a proviso that the purchase can be documented in the form of a copy of the order confirmation. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to produce the necessary documentation, as SparWindows only keeps order information for a period of 5 years.

5) The warranty applies for as long as the products are in the United Kingdom

The following terms and conditions apply to remedial work / replacement:

1) SparWindows remedies the fault by supplying a replacement product or carrying out a repair or part replacement, provided that this ensures proper remedy of the fault.

2) If the faulty product can no longer be procured or produced without significant inconvenience or cost, SparWindows has the right to provide another, similar product.

3) SparWindows does not cover costs of dismantling or installation of the replacement product and any extra work in connection with the reconstruction/remedy of damage or goods.

The warranty does not cover:

1) Doors with 1-point locking systems.   

2) Damage and functional problems that can be attributed to a lack of or inadequate lubrication and maintenance, in addition to cleaning of the product’s external surface.

3) Lock cases, knobs, handles, hinges and fittings in windows and doors, where damage is due to general wear and tear, age, use and operation.

4) Weather strips and seals that need to be replaced due to general wear and tear, age, use and operation.

5) Surface treatment/painting and other matters that are not covered by the warranty or right of claim according to the enterprise’s general terms and conditions.

6) Painted/surface-treated products that are not regularly maintained. Reference is made to the general maintenance instructions that accompany the product and/or can be found on sparwindows.co.uk.

7) Material faults that are due to exceptional conditions that have occurred once the product has been delivered.

8) The product has been exposed to exceptional and undesirable external impacts. Such as; other building elements, types of expanding foam and unusual effects from heat, chemicals, moisture and climate.

9) Faults or nonconformities that can be attributed to incorrect storage, transport or incorrect installation of the product.

10) Damage from the ingress of water at inward-opening doors.

11) Cracked glass panes, as cracked glass panes are normally an insurance matter. Deadline for claims concerning visual defects on panes of glass is 1 year after purchase. 

12) Products that are installed at particularly exposed locations, such as coastal areas.

13) On Low-E glass, SparWindows refers to the manufacturer’s warranty, which is 5 years.