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Arched windows - with configurable arch

Arched windows are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal. While most traditional windows have a square or rectangular shape, arched windows have a curved shape and a softer look.
By choosing arched windows, you get windows that stand out from the crowd. They add a unique and personalised touch to your home.

Where are arched windows mostly used?

The location of arched windows depends primarily on your personal preferences. They can be used on virtually any home, and almost anywhere. It's up to you to decide where you want to place them. However, to give you some inspiration, we would like to give you some examples of typical locations and house types where arched windows are used.

What materials are arched windows available in?

At Sparwindows, you can get your arched windows in wood. When deciding which material you want, there are several factors to consider. For example, wooden windows require some maintenance. Therefore, if you want to avoid spending time on maintenance, it may be a good idea not to choose a window made entirely of wood. On the other hand, with a wooden window, you have the freedom to change the colour at any time. 

What types of homes most commonly have arched windows?

Many people buy arched windows when they are renovating their home and want to preserve the original look of their home while getting new windows. This is because arched windows are often found on older style homes. Homes such as country houses or old villas make use of arched windows.

However, arched windows are also found in homes built in a newer style. For example, they can add a traditional charm that is reminiscent of the older style. Or they can be used in relation to newer building trends that focus on large amounts of light, a sense of openness and organic shapes.

Where are arched windows most often used?

As mentioned, you can place arched windows pretty much anywhere in your home. But for inspiration, we've gathered some of the more popular locations for you.

  • The gable

    A popular location is on the gable of the home. If you want to have a window on the gable, an arched window can be a good choice. This is because a square window in this location can end up looking a bit clumsy, but also because there is often more space for an arched window.

  • The dormer

    Many older homes, especially country houses, have an arched window in the dormer. This can add a charming character to the attic floor of the home.

  • Arched lintel

    It's also common to use arched windows as a lintel over doors or traditional windows. This can not only provide a positive aesthetic effect, but it can also bring extra light into the home.

Angled windows - An alternative to arched windows 

If you want a more sharply defined window or want a different finish to the top of the window, an angled window can be a great way to finish off a window section. It can help bring more light into the home and can make the window match the slope of the roof of the house, creating a more natural transition between roof, wall, and window. Angled windows can be the kind of detail that can make a significant difference, both inside and out.