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The classic brick house

Get inspired of the old brick house built in the 1930s. The family bought the house in 2015 and has since renovated the entire house, but has kept the original style of the house.
The classic double side hung windows are a perfect match for the old brick house and create a cosy atmosphere both inside and out. The large windows allow plenty of daylight to enter the home on all floors.

A cosy little nook with a great view and good lighting. Who wouldn't want to sit and read a good book or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in this spot?

The windows can be opened at the top and bottom for flexibility in daily use.

By choosing a large window in the bathroom that matches the others, you don't break the facade when looking at the house from the outside. In addition, the large window also provides a lot of light and air in an otherwise cramped bathroom.
If the window is on the ground floor, it's a good idea to choose sandblasted glass to prevent people from looking in.

The kitchen is wonderfully bright. From the kitchen there is direct access to the terrace, which easily connects indoors and outdoors on a warm summer's day. On colder days, the patio door and large windows bring the garden and light into the kitchen.

In the dining room, large windows allow you to enjoy the outdoors, and by placing smaller windows high up, you make the room easier to decorate.

To avoid a dark and cramped stairwell, the family installed a skylight that provides plenty of light. On a hot summer's day, it also allows you to air out the room, as small rooms with sloping walls often get hot.

The rooms on the first floor also have lovely large windows, giving the rooms a good sense of spaciousness and plenty of daylight and ventilation. The classic double side hung windows create a cosy atmosphere and ensure plenty of natural light in the room.

Renovation inspiration

Find inspiration in similar projects before you start renovating your home, or maybe you're considering investing in new energy-efficient windows and doors but need inspiration for choosing the design and colour. 

We've gathered a variety of different types of homes that have all had new energy-efficient windows and doors installed.

So whether you're renovating a holiday home, a classic masonry villa or a 60s villa, you can find inspiration for your project here.