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Home with a view

Step inside this old architect-designed villa close to the seaside. The large windows bring the beautiful views right into the home.

The kitchen and living room is a real living space with room for children, play and creativity. Here, the large sliding patio door gives direct access to the terrace and garden in the summer, making it easy to take dinner out or enjoy the fresh summer air and the sound of the garden and sea inside at the dining table.

In the living room you will find large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a lovely light in the home all year round.

The old villa from the early 1920s brings a lot of quirky details to the home, and the windows in particular play a big role here, helping to emphasise how high the ceilings are and what fantastic light the rooms are filled with when they are placed so high.

At Sparwindows, you can easily order your windows and doors in different shapes and sizes, such as this one window that follows the slope of the roof.

On the 1st floor, you truely see why the couple fell in love with the house. Their bedroom has the most beautiful view where sky and sea merge into one. Imagine waking up and falling asleep to that view every day.

A large fixed frame window with one large glass surface beautifully frames nature.

In addition, the couple has chosen a double patio door to provide direct access to the small balcony and fresh air.

The ceiling height is also fully utilised with exposed beams and a large triangular window in the ceiling.

The children's rooms invite to play with the lovely light from the topguided windows, as well as the beautiful light coming down from the skylight and the ceiling height is once again brought into use.

The new energy-efficient windows are, of course, with 3-layer glass, which means that you can easily have your bed near the window without worrying about draughts.

The couple chose white windows and doors on the inside and dark grey on the outside, which gives a light expression inside, where it can get a little dark, especially in winter, while creating a beautiful contrast outside with the dark windows and white facade.

In addition, the couple chose to have soundproof glass in the windows facing a busy road opposite the sea side. This has made a huge difference to their noise nuisance from traffic, and now instead of car noise, they can hear waves crashing.

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So whether you're renovating a holiday home, a classic masonry villa or a 60s villa, you can find inspiration for your project here.

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