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Renovated 60's villa

 In 2016, the family bought the older house, which was in need of an update. They switched to energy-efficient windows and doors and gave the house a new, more modern look.

Homes from the 60s were not built with open spaces like many families want today. During the renovation, the villa has been opened up, creating a large kitchen area with a direct connection to the living room.

The large windows make the room bright and spacious, and the patio door provides quick and easy access to the terrace for enjoying dinner outside or letting the kids play in the garden.

The large top hung windows allow light to flood into the home. With windows placed throughout the house, it's always possible to enjoy the garden outside.

Rooms in 60s villas can quickly feel small and stuffy. Here, the children's room is bright and inviting, providing space for play and movement. The large topguided window in the centre of the wall brightens up the room and makes it feel bigger.

Bathrooms are often small and dark spaces, but here the family has created a bright and inviting bathroom that exudes wellness. The window is placed high up, which gives a little privacy. In addition, the glass is sandblasted to prevent neighbours from looking in.

Even though the curtain is usually drawn when you're in the bedroom. Still, it's nice to be able to enjoy the daylight and, not least, to be able to ventilate the room. The large pane in the topguided window not only lets in a lot of light, it also generates a lot of heat, which can help you save on your heating bills.

When the family renovated their home, they chose new wood/aluminium windows that are white on the inside to create as much light and space as possible, but anthracite grey on the outside to create contrast with the white facade.

Renovation inspiration

Find inspiration in similar projects before you start renovating your home, or maybe you're considering investing in new energy-efficient windows and doors but need inspiration for choosing the design and colour. 

We've gathered a variety of different types of homes that have all had new energy-efficient windows and doors installed.

So whether you're renovating a holiday home, a classic masonry villa or a 60s villa, you can find inspiration for your project here.

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