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Wooden windows and doors – Good to know

At SparWindows we produce our wooden windows and doors in slow-growing Nordic pinewood. Slow-growing pine contains less air, which ensures the best quality wood – still at the same low prices.

In the following, you can read more about pine and how the timber is used in the production of furniture, paper and building materials, as well as why we only use slow-growing pine from colder Scandinavian regions in our production of windows and doors. 

Pine belongs to the genus Pinus, which consists of around 100 different species of coniferous trees. The primary characteristic of the genus Pinus is that the trees are green all year round, their needles are found in small shoots of 2, 3 or 5 needles and that they have different types of cones. The genus Pinus is widespread all the way from the northernmost regions of Norway down to the Equator, where the genus is stopped from spreading by huge areas of sand and desert.

Pine for the production of furniture, paper and building materials

Most people are probably aware that pine is often used in the production of paper, furniture and building materials and thus also for the production of doors and windows. However, only few are aware of the properties of the tree that make the material unique:

1) There are a number of large resin channels that naturally preserve the tree. 

2) Pine contains natural substances that help prevent fungal and insect attack. These substances provide the wood with a natural durability that makes it highly suitable for the production of windows and doors, as a wooden window or a wooden door must be able to withstand rain, sun and snow.

3) Forest pine is the most durable type of pine. In Norway there are actually examples of log cabins and churches built in forest pine that are more than 800 years old!

Facts about pine:

  • Forest pine trees can grow to a height of 30 metres
  • Forest pine can be up to 250-300 years old
  • Forest pine is usually cut when it’s about 80 years old
  • 8,000-year old pine trunks have been found in Denmark!
  • Amber, which is primarily used to make jewellery, originates from hardened resin from pine trees that grew many thousands of years ago.

Pine trees in central Europe

It might sound like a paradox, but pine trees in most of central Europe actually grow too well to be used for the production of wooden windows and doors. Pine has to grow slowly in order to obtain as much heartwood content as possible, thus making the tree stronger. In central Europe and most parts of the British Isles, conditions are too good – i.e. we have long, warm summers – which means that pine trees grow too fast and thus form broad growth rings.

Broad growth rings result in higher amounts of air trapped inside the wood and make it too soft. If, on the other hand, slow growing pine trees are used from forests in Northern Sweden and Finland, which have the right climate, the wood will be harder and stronger as it contains a high amount of heartwood.

By producing wooden windows and doors in slow-growing pine with high heartwood content, tough and weather resistant products are ensured that are adapted to harsh climates. This results in windows and doors with a long life span.

We produce wooden windows and doors in slow-growing pine

If you order a wooden door or a wooden window from SparWindows, you are guaranteed a product at a very competitive price. We produce most of our windows and doors in slow-growing heartwood pine. All our timber windows and doors have also undergone a wood preservation treatment prior to being factory painted, in order to ensure the greatest possible durability.

Preservation treatment for maximum durability

As already mentioned, the numerous resin channels within pinewood preserve the pine naturally. In order to ensure the greatest possible longevity, we give all our finished elements an extra preservation treatment. This ensures that they are protected against decay and fungus on the interior and exterior. To protect our wooden windows and doors further against rot and fungus, all wooden products are factory painted with sustainable water-based paint.

Painted windows and doors

At SparWindows, we choose to deliver all our products factory painted – ready for installation. This ensures a long life-spam of our products and a properly executed paint job and it saves you the bother of painting, so that you can install your new windows straight away. You can choose between our many different standard RAL colours.

CE marked windows with 10-year warranty

If you buy aluminium clad pine-, timber- and uPVC windows and doors from SparWindows, we provide a full 10-year warranty! Furthermore, all our windows and doors carry a CE mark. 


You can find an extensive range of windows and doors and all our products can be produced in timber. Some of our most popular products include cottage windowsfront doors or patio doors.