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Sparwindows – enjoy full peace of mind when buying doors and windows

The majority of homeowners would probably agree that buying new windows and doors requires careful consideration. A high degree of trust is needed on the part of the consumer when buying windows and doors on the Internet - confidence that the company you choose to buy your windows and doors from will keep its promises and ensure that its products are of good quality.

Buying windows and doors is not cheap and it is important to consider which company you choose to buy your new windows and doors from. 

At SparWindows our goal is to be the best online suppliers of windows and doors. Therefore, we have devoted considerable efforts and time over many years to improve our product quality, warranty terms and customer service. We want to ensure that you as a customer can enjoy full peace of mind when doing business with us – before, during and after your purchase.  

1) High quality windows and doors

At SparWindows we produce quality windows and doors in our own factory.

Our timber and alu clad timber elements are produced with slow growing quality-optimized (finger-jointed) Scandinavian pine. The wood has a minimum heartwood content of 90%.

Our windows and doors are made to withstand the harsh northern climate. All our wooden and aluminium clad wooden products have undergone a wood preservation treatment before they are painted. If you choose an element with glass panes, you are guaranteed the most modern and energy-efficient glazing solutions that ensure the biggest possible savings on your heating bills.


2) CE marking

CE marking has been mandatory since 2013 for all newly produced doors and windows. 

CE marking is a universally approved labelling scheme that is applicable to all countries in the EU. As a manufacturer you are legally bound to ensure that the products you supply live up to a number of requirements and specifications – as a consumer, you can thus be sure that the products you purchase meet specific requirements with regard to health, environment and safety. 

At SparWindows all our products carry the CE mark and have done so since 2008.

3) 10-year warranty!

Although we deliver doors and windows at some of the lowest prices on the market, we never compromise on quality!

Having been in the industry for many years, we have accumulated huge amounts of know-how and experience that mean that we can offer all our customers “high quality products that everyone can afford!”

It goes without saying that our experience and quality assurance benefits our customers. We also offer a full 10-year warranty on all windows and doors in factory-painted timber, aluminium clad timber and uPVC. If a fault with your product should occur, you can enjoy peace of mind for many years to come! 

Read more about our warranty


4) Low prices – great savings

We are often asked how we can deliver high quality products at such low prices. 

There is more than one answer to this question, but in overall terms, it is a question of eliminating all unnecessary costs.

If you buy windows at SparWindows, your products are delivered directly from our factory. We have cut out the middleman, thus ensuring that you get the same good quality at attractive prices.

By taking orders directly through our website, we do not have to incorporate the costs of expensive intermediaries into the final price. Furthermore, we do not have to charge unnecessary administration costs. We have also saved costs on expensive showrooms.  All these factors combined, make it possible for us to offer you “high quality products that everyone can afford!”


5) Service guarantee – your assurance of fair treatment

Our service guarantee is your assurance that you won’t be forgotten once the goods have been delivered.

Unfortunately, product faults do occasionally occur. However, thanks to our service guarantee, you know that we have already considered how to deal with eventual problems even before you have pressed “order” on our website.

Our service guarantee is one of the areas where we strive to set ourselves apart from other window suppliers. Our service guarantee is an important part of our effort to have the best customer service in the industry and a guarantee that means you can enjoy full peace of mind when purchasing windows and doors from us.


6) Satisfied customers are the key to success

We know that satisfied customers are the key to success! At SparWindows we believe that it is important that you are satisfied throughout the ordering process.

We have had a strong focus on customer satisfaction for many years. Our customer service personnel receive ongoing training to improve their competencies and efficiency. At SparWindows we strive to be the company in the industry with the most satisfied customers. 


7) More than 120,000 homeowners have already chosen us

The selection of online window suppliers is growing and it is slowly becoming easier to check the prices between different suppliers. As a consequence, many consumers may often be tempted to simply choose the cheapest window supplier.

SparWindows is one of the biggest and oldest online suppliers of windows and doors in Northern Europe. During recent years we have delivered doors and windows to more than 120,000 satisfied homeowners. This statistic is worth bearing in mind when choosing your new window and door supplier.


8) Quality-optimized wood – No knots

At SparWindows we manufacture all our elements in quality-optimized timber. Quality optimization means that large knots in the wood are cut out, after which the wood is once again joined together. This method used is known as finger-jointing, as the wood is joined like interlocking fingers.

This quality optimization means that the wood will be stronger and you will not have to worry about yellow stains and spots of resin. This type of wood-optimization is of course more expensive than ordinary pine, but the difference in quality is noticeable. In addition, you will not have problems with yellow stains and knots that decay over time.


9) Secure online payment

At SparWindows we use ePay as our standard payment gateway. This means that you can enjoy secure card payment via an encrypted connection on our website.

You can also choose to via PayPal, through PayPal’s secure and encrypted payment connection.

NB: Payment by card or PayPal via our website is a more secure method of payment than payment via bank transfer.


10) We are Inwido

Since 2014, Sparwindows has been part of one of Europe's leading window and door groups Inwido. 

Inwido's ambition is to produce and develop windows and doors with solutions that fit every home and to improve not only homes but also people's indoor life with new windows and doors. 

Inwido is focused on creating long-term sustainable growth, organically and through acquisitions, thus ensuring that all its businesses perform well and safely in the market.

For more about Inwido visit www.inwido.com  

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