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Rijtjeshuizen met kunststof kozijnenRijtjeshuizen met kunststof kozijnen

uPVC windows

Plastic window frames, also known as uPVC frames, are a modern choice as uPVC windows and doors are virtually maintenance-free. If you want to minimise maintenance, uPVC window frames are a good choice. On this page, we tell you more about all the advantages.

Benefits of uPVC window frames

A big advantage of uPVC window or door frames is that they require minimal maintenance and can withstand all kinds of weather. All you have to do is wash the window frame once in a while. This way, you will have beautiful windows and doors for years to come.

When you buy uPVC window frames at Sparwindows, you will get a 10-year full warranty and, of course, all our products are UKCA marked.

  High insulation value
  Long lifespan  
  Minimal maintenance
  Modern design

Modern window frames: maintenance-free and stylish

The uPVC windows we produce today are different from the uPVC windows of the past. The new uPVC windows are virtually maintenance-free and have a modern design that suits many types of homes. Moreover, they shine less than in the past, making it almost impossible to distinguish plastic and wooden window frames from each other from a distance.

Cheap uPVC window frames

Besides being stylish and maintenance-free, uPVC windows are cheap and energy efficient. Our affordable uPVC windows offer everything you need when buying new, energy-efficient windows. Moreover, our windows are made of high quality uPVC. All our uPVC models are produced with Rehau profiles, which are among the best on the market.

Witte kunststof raam- en deurkozijnenWitte kunststof raam- en deurkozijnen

Facts about uPVC windows

Do you choose uPVC windows or doors? Then your home will have a simple but very modern look. In new construction or renovation, uPVC windows are a good alternative to traditional wooden or alu-clad windows.

Better insulation through uPVC windows and doors

uPVC is a non-conductive material and therefore insulates well. Our uPVC windows are made of hollow plastic profiles divided into air-filled chambers. These small air spaces in the profiles contribute to better insulation performance.

Steel profiles are fitted on the inside to reinforce the frame and sill. The steel profiles are positioned so that they do not come into contact with the plastic profiles, thus preventing thermal bridges in the window.

Choose from 2- or 3-layer glass

When choosing the glazing, you can choose between 2- or 3-layer glass. In addition, we offer super energy-efficient glass with a u-value of just 0.7, for those who really want to save heavily on their energy bills for years to come.

Modern uPVC windows

Due to latest product developments, a uPVC windows no longer has the same clunky design as how we saw it in the 1970s. At Sparwindows, most of our models are available in plastic. The choice of material is a matter of taste and what suits your home. The choice is yours!

Protect your home against moisture and pests

The material composition of uPVC windows and doors makes them resistant to mould and rot, so you don't have to worry about pests. At the same time, plastic is highly insulating as it is a non-conductive material and therefore does not get cold. So with uPVC windows, you will rarely suffer from condensation.


kunststof kozijn installerenkunststof kozijn installeren

Maintaining uPVC windows

For the first few years, uPVC windows require minimal maintenance. After that, it is a good idea to maintain your windows and doors once a year to ensure longevity and good functionality.

Kozijnen schoonmaken en onderhoudenKozijnen schoonmaken en onderhouden

Easy to clean

One of the great advantages of uPVC windows is that they do not need to be painted or oiled, so this makes them very easy to maintain. If you find that your uPVC windows need cleaning, simply wipe away dirt and deposits with a damp cloth. When cleaning a uPVC window, it is important that you only use ordinary cleaning agents, so no sandpaper or solvents. If you notice that your uPVC windows are more heavily soiled, you can use a special plastic cleaner to clean them.

Lubricate regularly for smooth hinges

As part of maintenance, the hardware and hinges of windows and doors should be lubricated once a year. Before lubricating the hinges, it is important to remove dirt and debris as the dirt can act as an abrasive. It is important to carefully wipe spilled oil off the frame, otherwise it can cause staining or discolouration. If you follow these simple maintenance instructions, you will have window frames that will remain beautiful for years.

Made-to-measure uPVC windows

We make beautiful windows in pine, alu-clad and uPVC according to your wishes and needs. In our configurator, you can design your new windows and doors yourself. Among other things, you can choose your own colours, both inside and outside. We make the frames of the uPVC doors and windows according to your size so that they fit perfectly.

Kunststof kozijnen op maat gemaaktKunststof kozijnen op maat gemaakt
Hout/aluminium kozijnen van SparkozijnenHout/aluminium kozijnen van Sparkozijnen

Alu-clad windows

Those who want a more modern look can consider alu-clad windows. Many choose this material for the simple reason that it requires less maintenance than wooden windows. The aluminium profile on the outside protects the window frame from wind and weather and the outside does not need to be painted. At the same time, you have that charming, natural look inside.

 Minimal maintenance
 Practical exterior, natural interior
 Modern look

Houten kozijnen van SparkozijnenHouten kozijnen van Sparkozijnen

Pine windows

Wooden windows are a logical choice for many British people. If you have an older house you want to renovate, it is a safe choice to replace the old wooden windows and doors with new, energy-efficient ones in the same classic style you are already familiar with. Just be aware that wooden window frames require more maintenance than uPVC windows.

 High-quality natural material
 Often the cheapest choice of material
 Wide range of colours

We enable you to make affordable home improvements


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