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Post 180° Alu-clad wood230 cm length

SKU: CP180WA-master

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Length (CM):
Post 180° Alu-clad wood Post 180° Alu-clad wood   £325.00
Inside colour:
Standard White RAL9010
Standard White RAL9010   £0.00
Outside colour:
Standard White RAL9010
Standard White RAL9010   £0.00
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Post 180° Alu-clad wood 230 cm length

Sku: CP180WA-master

Product info:

Posts/bay poles in wood or Alu-clad wood are always delivered in 230 cm.

  • *The posts/bay poles cannot be used as a load bearing post

Note: Wood and alu-clad wood corner posts only fit the following products:

  • All outward opening windows in wood and alu-clad wood with triple glazing.
  • All fixed windows in wood and alu-clad wood with triple glazing, with 116 mm frame depth.
  • All doors in wood and alu-clad wood with triple glazing with 116 mm frame depth.


  • Cut the post to the desired length
    • If the profile is with aluminum cladding, then cut the alu cladding to the desired length
  • Assemble the window/door and the post with the recommended number of screws as mentioned in our installation instructions
    • If the post is with aluminum cladding, attach the cladding to the corner post
  • Add sealer in the edge of the post between the post and the window/door

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